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RoboGuru Guitar Tools 1.4

Free chord finder, tuner and metronome for guitar
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RoboGuru Guitar Tools is free software for guitar players that features three useful tools for aiding you to learn music or practice your musical skills. The first tool featured is a very useful Chord Finder that allows you to find any chord and its variations (augmented, diminished, seventh, ninth added, and so on). In some cases, the program can show you two variations of the same chord.
The second tool is a guitar tuner that features the open-string notes for tuning your guitar. The sounds are very realistic, unlike other electronic tuners. This program has a "loop" feature that repeats automatically the notes played, so you can grasp them easily. You can adjust the speed of the repetition and the times you want each note to be repeated. Interestingly, this tool features not only the standard tuning, but some alternative and open tunings as well.
The last of the tools is a basic metronome that lets you choose between a 3/4 and a 4/4 time signature, or play a uniform rhythm without any time signature. It also lets you choose the beats per minute you want to use. In short, these are very useful tools for any guitar player.

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